Working to Keep Agriculture Strong.

We work diligently to protect private property rights; minimize taxes and government spending; limit unnecessary regulations; and make government leaders aware of citizen needs at a local, state and national level. We are a grassroots membership organization that cares about your future. We unite as one voice to work together to keep agriculture strong.

For over a century we have united to keep agriculture strong and support the ability for farmers and ranchers to produce food. You can count on the Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation to serve as your voice to represent you regarding the policies and laws you need to keep agriculture strong. Our strength begins at the grassroots level where members discuss issues important to agriculture. Resolutions must be passed at both the county and district level before being considered by voting delegates at the state annual meeting.   

Get Involved.

Add your voice to strengthen agriculture in your county, Wyoming and America. Contact your county president to see how you can volunteer and/or participate in county, state and national meetings. Members begin the resolution process at the local level surfacing issues and discussing at county meetings. Approved resolutions proceed to the district level for consideration. Those resolutions passing at the district level proceed to the state annual meeting to be considered by the voting delegates. If it has national significance, WyFB policy recommendations are submitted for the AFBF resolutions process. This grassroots policy development process guides the work of our organization for the upcoming year.