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My Free Pharmacy

provided by My Free Pharmacy

This is the nation’s first FREE generic medication program.  This is not just a discount card, this is a standalone, non-insurance, no co-pay medication pharmacy program being offered to Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation members.

The bottom line is if you’re spending more than $27 per month on medications for your family of any size or $18 month as a single person, then you need to sign up for this member benefit today.

*Generic Acute/immediate medications free

* Maintenance/chronic generic medications free

* Diabetes oral generic medication free, insulin, $19.88

* Over the counter pills = ½ price

* Pharmacy coaching free

Prescription Savings Coupon Through United Networks of America

provided by United Networks of America - Discount Prescription Drug Card

Prescription Savings Coupon through United Networks of America - a prescription drug coupon program that helps lower your family's prescription drug costs. Login to our member portal to view specifics on this program.

You must login or become a member to use this benefit!

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